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Create Adventure Program

By February 18, 2022March 17th, 2022No Comments

We are very excited to introduce Preserving Beauty: Creating Adventure, a brand-new program at the Park! This program is designed to get children outside exploring the trails, beaches and forests of the Park and encourages environmental stewardship through outdoor recreation and adventure.  A child-friendly trail map and passport program have been developed, which encourages self-directed exploration.  As children explore the Park, they complete tasks on their passport and upon successful completion, they will be awarded a badge as an “Honorary Junior Park Ranger.”  We believe that by enabling a connection with nature, children will become lifelong stewards and explorers.  Trail maps and further directions are available at the park!


Funding for this project is provided by the Fundy Community Foundation. The views and opinions expressed in this publication/website do not necessarily reflect those of the Fundy Community Foundation.

Your Environmental Trust Fund at Work – Votre Fonds en fiducie pour l’environnement au travail.

This Wildlife Trust Fund obtains a portion of its revenue from the purchase of conservation plates by New Brunswick residents who are interested in conservation. Seven dollars ($7) from each conversation plate purchase goes into that fund annually. These funds are awarded to projects such as ours by the Minister of Natural Resources following review and recommendation by an independent board of 17 volunteers. Revenue from license plates is critical in furthering conservation efforts in our province so please consider purchasing conservation plates with your next car purchase to enable the NB Wildlife Trust Fund to continue to provide financial support for worthy wildlife projects.