at Ganong
Nature Park

There is something for everyone to do!

Ganong Nature Park is a beautiful 350 acre property, open year round for visitors. A huge amount of work goes into keeping the park running and enjoyable for all.
That’s where you come in. Pick the task and the time you want to commit, and we will put you to work!

Right now we're looking for help with:


General Volunteer

Young gun looking to pad your resume? We need you for anything and everything!

Park Maintenance

Handy with a chainsaw or weed whacker? We need you to help keep trails clear!

Trail Maintenance

Introvert who loves the quiet of nature? We need you to walk the trails and do light maintenance to keep them accessible!

Construction and Labour

Good with your hands and hardworking? We need you to help with the upkeep of the structures on the property!


People person? We need you to help out with our many special events!


Detail oriented organizational wizard? We need you to help with all the administrative sides of the park!

Sign up to be a Ganong Nature Park volunteer today!