Hiking at
the Ganong
Nature Park

Check our hiking trails

Currently, the Ganong Nature Park has 11 hiking trails. Visitors are advised to wear suitable clothing and footwear and take a bottle of water with you. Hiking trails range from moderate to easy.

Lookout Trail – 1.2 km

This forest trail is relatively rugged. It passes the John Smith Farm foundation and ends at a lookout with a spectacular view of Oak Bay to the north. Experienced hikers may wish to return by the Forest Pond Trail.

Forest Pond Trail – 1.0 km

Enter this forested trail from the Lookout Trail or Auk Hill Trail. For intermediate and experienced hikers. Features a small stream, a pond and a pleasant view of Pagan’s Cove.

Auk Hill Trail – 1.0 km

This field trail provides a good hike up Auk Hill where you can enjoy a view of St. Croix Island and Passamaquoddy Bay looking south.

Berry Hill Road – 0.3 km

Horse and buggies travelling to and from St. Andrews used a ferry from Todd’s Point to Bayside.

Ganong Cottage Road – 0.4 km

Follow this road to enjoy this unique little cottage and many of the original trees, shrubs and flowers planted by Eleanor Ganong.

Tide Pool Trail – 1.0 km

A low tide this trail allows you to explore the intertidal area and its many strange marine creatures. If the tide is up, check out the tide pool at the Quoddy Kiosk.

Field Edge Trail – 1.0 km

This popular trail goes along the field edge between the Learning Centre and Ganong Cottage. Cool breezes keep this trail virtually bug free and always pleasant. Great for dog walkers. Please keep them on the leash.

Echo Trail – 0.4 km

One of the first trails visible from the front gate. This trail connects to the Field Edge Trail.

Lookout Extension – 0.4 km

This trail begins at the top of the lookout. The path connects to Forest Pond and involves a narrow, steep and rocky path.

Ferry Cove – 0.1 km

This short trail provides a quick path to the water.

Gazebo Trail – 0.2 km

Short trail that leads to a multi-purpose gazebo.

Quoddy Learning Centre & Trailhead

The Learning Centre boasts a growing list of information about the Park and Quoddy Region. All trails begin here.

John Smith Farm

This is the foundation of one of the original settlers homes.

The Lookout

Located on a granite bluff, this site looks out on Pagan’s Cove, Spoon Island, Oak Bay and to the right, Hill’s Point.

The Forest Pond

This vernal stream and pond supports interesting insects and plants. We’ve never seen fish in the pond. Can you spot one?

The Ganong Cottage

This is the oldest surviving structure on the property. It served many families through the years and became Whidden and Eleanor Ganong’s retreat where they enjoyed the scenery and sea breezes. Mr. Ganong liked to farm and write here and Eleanor tended her many plants and exotic birds.

The Quoddy Kiosk

This retreat looks south into history with St. Croix Island, the site of the first European settlement north of Florida, a short distance away and Passamaquoddy Bay further to the south.